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Love is in the Air

By Loretta Baxter, RN, Administrator During February, we celebrate Valentines’ Day, recognizing the various individuals in our lives that we love and cherish—spouses, parents, children and dear friends. It is appropriate then to discuss the importance of relationships and socialization in our lives. Many studies have proven that socialization is important to all of us […]


Thrust on us in our advancing age is the world’s continuous youthful messaging. Author Joyce Rupp in her book, “Prayers to Sophia: Deepening our Relationship with Holy Wisdom” speaks to all of us that support the frail elderly in her poem… Befriending My Aging Companion of Life, Guardian of Death, more and more I resemble […]

Person-Centered Care

Person-Centered Care: The New Model for Senior Care Like many models, it makes perfect sense and we wonder why it didn’t come along earlier.  Previously, care in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Adult Daycare Centers were given to clients but the processes often revolved around the needs of the institution or the caregivers. Person-Centered Care […]

For The Love of Golf

     “Keep your head down, we’ll watch the ball; arms straight, feet apart…” Good advice from my parents when they first took me golfing with them.  So I stared at the ball, locked my arms in place, bent my knees, took a deep breath and swung, I miffed it of course…  After a lot of […]

Gems of Faith

How precious it is to hear St. Monica’s Residents share their faith at Faith Sharing on Monday mornings.  Their joys, sorrows, pains and losses are spoken in simplicity and acceptance.  How can one not find these people holy! We sometimes despair of the violence in the world, the terrorism, lack of family values and morals, […]


After all the merry making of the holidays, January is traditionally a time for resolution making.  (Does anyone do that anymore?) People of a certain age still do, of which I am one.  Some say “this is the year I’ll fix…”, others say “I’ll give up such and such…”; and yet for others vow to […]

Choosing Gratitude: The Forgotten Path to Joy

“A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot” –St. Augustine Gratitude is a recognition that we have nothing that we have not received.  Everything we are and everything we have—yes, everything—has been given us. Keeping gratitude always in our hearts allows us to recognize what a gift everything in our life is…indeed, what […]


“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Well, it’s November and this year is an election year.  A pretty big election, governor, and others, and that means campaigns, commercials, […]

Heart Health: Living to 100

I have often pondered how it is that some individuals die of heart attacks in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, while others seem to escape any heart issues even into their late 80’s and 90’s.  Why is this? Keeping blood total cholesterol levels low cannot be emphasized enough.  Dr. William Castelli, a former lead researcher […]

Seek Your Peace on Our Walk

As our lives continue to become more complicated and hectic, many of you are likely seeking ways to capture brief times of peace…and finding it increasingly difficult to make some (or any) time for prayer.  You’re not alone—meditation and meditative forms of prayer are now very “au courant” among the general public. You probably don’t […]