IMG_2659The roots of St. Monica’s Senior Living and Memory Care go deep into the ground.  The trees on this previous parceled farm land, located on North Green Bay Road, have endured and witnessed many changes throughout the years. This perseverance is mirrored by the Sisters of St. Rita who founded St. Monica’s on this property in 1971. They were supported and encouraged by many men and women of Racine who shared their vision for a loving home for seniors. Like the beautiful trees on the 42 acre site, St. Monica’s has thrived and grown over the past forty-six years of dedication and service.

This past year has been an exciting one for St. Monica’s as they near completion of renovations to their kitchen, front office area and expansion of their chapel.  In addition, they are adding a 26-bed Memory Care Wing, to be operational by October 2017.  To accommodate this new building three trees had to be taken down, a huge Burr Oak, a Hickory, and an Ash. Administrator Loretta Baxter, Chair of Long Range Planning Ray Johnson and Pastoral Director Sr. Angelica were devastated when they were told all 3 had to be removed. However, after discussing their removal with Dave Callewaert “the Wood Man” they fashioned a plan to repurpose all three trees and use them as part of the remodeling and expansion of the chapel.

“We treasure the beauty of our surroundings, its history and heritage. That is why we have saved, preserved, and re-purposed some of the spectacular trees which surround St. Monica’s.” said Sr. Angelica.  One huge oak tree by the Rosary Walk, was approximately 230 years old. This magnificent tree has been designated for a portion of the chapel flooring.  Another tree, a hickory over 100 years old, has been designed as a memory wall. The ash tree is refashioned into the new altar, pulpit, floral stands, tabernacle table, and Eucharist credence table for St. Monica’s chapel.  The work is being designed, crafted and completed by John Jacyna using the equipment and facilities of Jerry Isaacson (Cabinets by Ike).

“The roots of St. Monica’s go deep in our community, therefore it’s only natural our venerable trees be incorporated in our remodeling.  They symbolize the steadfast continuity and growth of St. Monica’s for generations to come. Love and care go deep into our history. Hearts touching hearts is one of our guiding philosophies in the care we provide to all at St. Monica’s Senior Living and Memory Care.”  shared Loretta Baxter