Love is in the Air

By Loretta Baxter, RN, Administrator
During February, we celebrate Valentines’ Day, recognizing the various individuals in our lives that we love and cherish—spouses, parents, children and dear friends. It is appropriate then to discuss the importance of relationships and socialization in our lives. Many studies have proven that socialization is important to all of us no matter whether we are young or older.
Lack of social support negatively influences our health and well-being. Having a variety of positive social supports can contribute to psychological and physical wellness. Support from others can be important in reducing stress, increasing physical health and defeating psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.
At St. Monica’s there are a number of ways to increase socialization such as meal time conversations with table mates, daily exercise class and special groups such as reminiscence, bingo, quarterly tea celebrations & dances, singing groups, and the baking class, just to name a few.
Seniors who live in retirement communities have the advantage of living close to many people, making it easier for them to make long-lasting friendships. According to Helpguide, socialization can boost self-worth; seniors can feel a sense of meaning and self-worth by sharing their lives with staff and other community members. ( Make sure to take advantage of all the activities St. Monica’s offers, its’ good for your health!