Special relationships with our Grandparents

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go… how well I remember that song. What a great time it was to go to Gramma’s house. The delicious smells coming through the cracks around her doors and windows welcomed us as we knew a cookie and hug waited for us when we crossed her threshold. Snuggling on her lap, or our great Aunt’s lap, was wonderful. We were all safe and warm and it was very nice being held in arms that offered only love. What a special love there is between grandparents and grandchildren.
Gone are the worries that plague most parents, worries of bills and not enough time in the day to get everything done. No more worries of whether the kids are being raised right to keep us awake at night. No more fretting about schooling, dances, sports, chipped teeth, glasses, and broken bones. All these cares somehow melt away when we turn into grandparents. We get to hold this miracle. We have proof that our lives, our spirits and family traits will continue through these babes, and we pour all our love and attention on them. We get to spoil them, knowing gleefully, that we get to hand them back to their parents. We don’t have to deal with the tantrums, upset stomachs, crying… Not really nice, but hey, we’ve paid our dues, right?
We have the time to give our undivided attention to them and our activities are usually fun to do, not chore related. Why wouldn’t they love to come and visit us? We have the time to play games, watch tv, go for a walk, explore the river, watch a sunset, bake cookies, build a boat… We know that there’ll be a time when we can’t do these things. It is at this time that our grandchildren come to visit us and remind us of all the good times we shared. This is what we witness day in and day out at St. Monica’s. The inter-generational love and caring. It is such a joy and blessing that our residents have allowed us to become part of their family. We share in their joys and sorrows, birthdays, anniversaries, sports awards and special events. Our residents are the heart of our home. On behalf of them and the staff of St. Monica’s we wish all a blessed and joyous holiday season.